Moonlight Drawn by Clouds - 구르미 그린 달빛
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This drama is based on the web novel “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” byYoon Yi Soo and illustrated by kk which was originally published onlinefrom 2013-Oct-03 to 2014-Oct-10 on

HongRa On (Kim Yoo Jung), disguises herself as a man and counsels men on dating. Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Lee Yeong—future Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Park Bo Gum). Hong Ra On is unawarethat he is the Crown Prince and Lee Yeong is unaware that Hong Ra On isa woman. The Crown Prince becomes interested in Hong Ra On. His eunuchsbecome aware of this and attempt to get Hong Ra On to become one of them.