Transit Girls - 百合戀人
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The story follows the relationship between the two girls, Sayuri and Yui, as they start to live together under one roof as step-sisters. Despite their initial distaste for each other and the fact that they couldn't be more opposite in looks and personality, they eventually start to develop feelings for each other... How will their romance take shape?

講述了由於父母再婚而住到同一屋簷下成為繼姐妹的兩人,她們經歷了最糟糕的相遇後,反而孕育出愛情的故事。劇中,兩年前母親過世之後和廚師父親相互扶持生活、活潑開朗的葉山小百合(伊籐沙莉 飾),與立志成為專業攝影師、從大學退學的志田由衣(佐久間由衣 飾)之間的愛情篇章被予以描繪。