Phoenix Rising - 蘭花刼
TV Series
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Crystal, Louisa, and Leila are sisters. Their parents died at birth, so the three of them were sent to orphanages and were later adopted into three different homes with different backgrounds. Louisa was sent to prison for killing her stepmother, but Crystal, wanting to save her sister, told officials that she was the one who committed the crime and went to prison instead. Leila is a very kind person and forges evidence to save Crystal but gets caught and gets sent to jail, too. The three sisters and the jail owner have some hostilities; thus, the jail owner wants revenge. This series uses women in jail as its storyline, describing the dark side of women in prison.

1927年,上海富商張至凱的未婚妻炎沛湖(蘇玉華 飾),被控謀殺養母而鎯鐺入獄。在獄中她重遇自幼失散、現任職教官的妹妹蘇菲(唐寧 飾)。蘇菲重拾與沛湖及大姊江麗雅(田蕊妮 飾)的姊妹情,她與麗雅兩人更決意為沛湖洗脫罪名。 可惜事與願違,麗雅與男友言亮(陳錦鴻 飾)誕下兒子後,得知自己身患絕症。她有感時日無多,於是甘願為妹妹頂罪入獄。蘇菲只好獨力繼續追查,卻赫然發現麗雅的絕症報告,原來是沛湖預先安排的,蘇菲難以接受沛湖陷害姊妹的所作所為。為了解救麗雅,使她免受冤獄,蘇菲不惜知法犯法,協助麗雅逃獄。沛湖為求自保,對麗雅趕盡殺絕,豈料卻導致丈夫張至凱(黃智賢 飾)家破人亡。三姊妹背負著不同的宿命和罪名,眾人的命途安危,從此懸繫鐵窗內外……