Police Cadet '88 - 新紮師兄1988
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Police Inspector Kit (Tony Leung) is righteous and dedicated to his job. In his fight against crime, he gets aquainted with an ex-member of a Shanghainese triad, Shing (Ko Hung). Shing is cold and withdrawn, with a tragic past. Kit develops a close friendship with him.
Shing leads a quiet, secluded life and his lonely soul is comforted by Wai (Sheren Tang), a strong and mature woman, determined to forget her turbulent past and her imprisoned boyfriend, Chak. However, their peaceful life is short-lived. Shing is forced back into business when his formidable enemy is released. And add to his dismay, this enemy of his turns out to be Chak.
Cheung is then thrown into crossroads – how can he remain to be a faithful friend as well as an upright police?