Swipe Tap Love - 愛我請留言
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The year of 2009 seems very ordinary, but in fact marks a crucial moment when twomelancholy souls pull themselves together and start anew.

Through her news coverage related to a fire, TV reporter YU CHOR-KIN (Priscilla Wong), who lost her fatherin a car accident earlier, recalls her own grievous loss.  On the same day, when regretting she is not able to see her father again, she encounters glass artist LOK TIN-SUNG (Raymond Wong), who just lost his sister in the fire.  They wander on the streets, accompanying each othersilently to spend the whole night.  Not wanting to have another regret,she borrows TIN-SUNG’s mobile phone to leave her suitor CHEUNG YAT-HEI (Tony Hung) a voice mail, which is “Miss you”……

CHOR-KIN changes her job to be a marketing manager for the chocolate business.  Having spent four years together with YAT-HEI, she notices that she has been further estranged from him.  They eventually break up as a result of mutual suspicion and jealousies. 

In the meantime, CHOR-KIN re-encounters TIN-SUNG as her mother YU LO OI-LAM (Rebecca Chan) becomes his daughter’s babysitter.  Due to TIN-SUNG’s daughter, the two start communicating via text messages.  Ever since then, consolation and encouragement regarding work, family and love havebeen on and off sending through their mobile app.  Love turns out to bedestined in their lifetime……