Ten Brothers - 十兄弟
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Kei Hau Yee is a spoiled wealthy girl, when she eats 10 magicalseeds by accident, she gets pregnant. Chan Dai Ha lies that he is thefather of her children, but Hau Yee dislikes him. Hau Yee gives birthto 10 strange children, these children become adults in one day, atnight. Hau Yee and Dai Ha are scared but later take care of them andtreat them like their own children. The couple lose their second andthird son by accident and they were brought up by Man Sai Hung, awealthy man.

Hau Yee and Dai Ha are really poor and they are forced to give AhSei and Ah Sap away to a theatre troop where they are mistreated bytheir teacher but are helped by the kind Siu Lan. Ah Gao is also givenaway to a couple who can't have children. Then Hau Yee's friend showsup, Hau Yee had a crush on him, looks like he likes Hau Yee too and hewants to go to Shanghai with her. Hau Yee does not know what to do.

The ten brothers find out they all have special powers, Hau Yee andDai Ha later find this out. Everyone has a different special ability,but their parents don't want anyone to know about the special powersand they tell their sons not to use those powers in public.

Hau Yee and Dai Ha are trying to get their sons back, besides thisthere are more troubles. Ah Sei and Ah Dai both fall in love with SiuLan, this causes trouble between the two brothers, also there is a manwho's saying to Ah Dai that the ten brothers don't have a long time togo anymore.